Station 22

Station 22 is the squeal to Station 21, after the flop of that game, this one gives it a whole new lease of life.


Lets get down to EVA, ship needs repairs?

No problem just hop outside any docking port and away you go, watch your fuel and oxygen levels though.

The helmet and jetpack also join with what customization options you have chosen.

EVA Around

Power Module

In Station 22 power scripting is different.

Power is now generated judging on how much sunlight each panel is receiving and then calculating an output rate. 
This is a way of scrapping the old output of ranged power which was totally unrealistic.

This new power system also means that adding more power modules will be needed to keep the station running smoothly, each module added will have a power usage stat and will drain from the output.

That doesn't mean that once drained its game over, once you run out of power your station will slowly start loosing systems and the new temperature control will take affect and you will have to fight to keep your character alive throughout the failure until you fix it.



Hello all, check out our soundtrack page to see the official soundtrack to Station 22. 

The game is on the roll of development and we can't wait till we can let people play.

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