Station 22

Station 22 is the squeal to Station 21, after the flop of that game, this one gives it a whole new lease of life.

Holy crap!

Holy crap ton!

Yep! I've been busy the past few day, I know I said things would slow down...Well being on my own means nobody to tell me what can't be done with this game so...

Lighting changes:
I've added a new lighting engine that goes hand in hand with the amount of power the station is receiving (Sunlight).



Building Mode:
Yeah I've changed that too!
It's now more user friendly so instead of it just being in the same world (live game) it's now a cut away from reality...freaky right? 
This just makes things a whole lot simpler so you can see what your doing.


To end it off, here is a picture of myself:

In-game of course haha ;).
Thanks for reading.


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