Station 22

Station 22 is the squeal to Station 21, after the flop of that game, this one gives it a whole new lease of life.

Power & Oxygen

New systems to Modules

So we have made a short video showing the new power & oxygen systems off.
The way it works now, each module is not "Officially" connected to each other as they are built.
What does that mean?
Well you the players have to connect them with your welding tool.
Once the module is connected then power and oxygen will start to flow to that module.
This give the player a little more interactions with the station and a lot more systems like this little one will be added over time.

What's next?
We are focusing on systems at the moment and working on Modules later.
We thought it was best to clear that up as your going to see the same three modules over and over again as systems are tested on the same scenario.
We hope you all enjoy this little video. 

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