Station 22

Station 22 is the squeal to Station 21, after the flop of that game, this one gives it a whole new lease of life.

Weekly Update #1

Hello all and welcome to the first weekly update. 

As Station 22 is developing so fast we have decided to start a weekly update which will hopefully be weekly. 

This update will just have a run down of what we have done and what we wish to achieve each week.  

Lets begin! 

Tasks done: 

  • lighting systems
  • power input/output
  • airlock door mechanics
  • player customisation  
  • eva mechanic
  • begining of contracts

Tasks to do: 

  • finish contracts (adding active list) 
  • add additional modules
  • add research mechanics
  • add company launches
  • add contract data  

This sums up this week so keep check for update on our social media for more over the next week.

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