Station 22

Station 22 is the squeal to Station 21, after the flop of that game, this one gives it a whole new lease of life.

Holy crap!

Holy crap ton!

Yep! I've been busy the past few day, I know I said things would slow down...Well being on my own means nobody to tell me what can't be done with this game so...

Lighting changes:
I've added a new lighting engine that goes hand in hand with the amount of power the station is receiving (Sunlight).



Building Mode:
Yeah I've changed that too!
It's now more user friendly so instead of it just being in the same world (live game) it's now a cut away from reality...freaky right? 
This just makes things a whole lot simpler so you can see what your doing.


To end it off, here is a picture of myself:

In-game of course haha ;).
Thanks for reading.


Little Update (September 2018)

Hello everyone that is following the development of Station 22.

Sorry there has been a lack of updates, but as of now I am the sole person working on this game. As I am the only one programming, doing art, music, It's hard finding all this time to do it.

I just hope that everyone can find the patience with me at this time as I have a hard time ahead.

Thank you and see you all soon. 

Captains Chair

So we are working towards being able to fly your station between different systems.

This is already half done, there is now a control module with a captains chair in where if you sit down, it will take you to a map screen where you can choose your destination on where to travel to.

More on this soon....


Power & Oxygen

New systems to Modules

So we have made a short video showing the new power & oxygen systems off.
The way it works now, each module is not "Officially" connected to each other as they are built.
What does that mean?
Well you the players have to connect them with your welding tool.
Once the module is connected then power and oxygen will start to flow to that module.
This give the player a little more interactions with the station and a lot more systems like this little one will be added over time.

What's next?
We are focusing on systems at the moment and working on Modules later.
We thought it was best to clear that up as your going to see the same three modules over and over again as systems are tested on the same scenario.
We hope you all enjoy this little video. 

Inventory & Tools?!

You seen it right! 

Station 22 now has an inventory system in place, the graphics are placeholder but it’s there for you all to see. 

We have also implemented tools, the first of which is a welder. 

Once equip to a hand it appears on the characters body showing its there and can be used. 

The welder will be used for building modules and doing repairs. More on tools to come! 


Graphics Overhaul

Hi all we would like some feedback on what you think the new graphics look like? 

There are some minor issues that need straightened up but other then that it’s down to the community as to what they think. 

Check it out: 



Contact Us

Hi all I know people are having issues in finding our information, if you have a copy of Station 21 which you purchased and haven’t got access to a code yet then please send proof of purchase to:

Thank you.

Update for 13th July


So there has been a space in updates recently, that’s because we’ve been working hard on a major update to the delivery systems. 

Since in Station 22 we have three companies you can use to build with, that means there has to be three different vehicles that deliver parts to your station and we want to visualise that so it’s taking a lot of code to get that right and with that there are no visuals yet. 

Hopefully this weekend will have some visual to our new systems that we can share with you. 

Thanks for listening, remember to sub to our mailing list too. 

Planets #2

Hello all, again here we go talking about planets.

Yes it's exciting though, this time BACKGROUNDS! This is a little preview of what the planet looks like from your station, check it out. (1).gif


We are pleased to show you a glimpse of the new planetary system. 

The new module showed in the last update blog was in fact a transporter module, this means you will soon be able to move your station from system to system and beam down to the planet below. 

Here we have a little preview of one of the first planets in development. 



Contracts system

So earlier we talked about the contract system, well it’s practically done. 

All that is left to add is the data entry for mission creation and then that’s it. 

The video below shows the active contracts list and the ability to cancel at anytime. 


Weekly Update #1

Hello all and welcome to the first weekly update. 

As Station 22 is developing so fast we have decided to start a weekly update which will hopefully be weekly. 

This update will just have a run down of what we have done and what we wish to achieve each week.  

Lets begin! 

Tasks done: 

  • lighting systems
  • power input/output
  • airlock door mechanics
  • player customisation  
  • eva mechanic
  • begining of contracts

Tasks to do: 

  • finish contracts (adding active list) 
  • add additional modules
  • add research mechanics
  • add company launches
  • add contract data  

This sums up this week so keep check for update on our social media for more over the next week.


So a big new system we are putting into Station 22 is contracts.

Contracts are all going to be randomly generated with different tasks to do and different types of rewards.  

This means an endless supply of missions can be achieved, but obviously as a player progresses the missions will take on a harsher role and develop with the play. This is so players don’t get beginner missions when they already have 50+ modules. 

Players will be able to have 4 max active contracts on the go but they won’t be timed, you the player can decide if you want to end it early and suffer the losses. 

We made some example contracts and showcase the system here. 


Door mechanics

Hello all, so today is a post all about doors! That’s right doors! 

so we have adjusted the lighting systems to make the station a little brighter with power but not only that we have added some sliding doors to the passage ways so there is a more dynamic feel to the game check it out below. 


Power Systems

In this short clip it shows how a power shortage is effecting the stations lighting systems as they try to draw power from the solar array but can't produce enough. (1).gif

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